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This section starts with a wavy chestnut style with subtle highlights next is an unusual cut with very large curls on light brown hair then a blonde with tight curls on top, a looser wave and a flicked tight permed style prominent in the eighties. On the next lines there are some classic long, curly and spiral looks in blonde, red, brown and black.



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short cuts


long hair

Curly or wavy hair section 1

Click on a small picture of a curly or wavy hair style and one the same but larger will appear. There are two types of curly or wavy hair, chemically curled (permed) and naturally curly or wavy. Curly hair can have a tendency to be dry and frizzy so it is best to get your hair in tip top condition and keep it that way, it is best to experiment with various different hair care regimes as what suits one person may not suit another.

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